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11/20/09 space... A side project I'm working on with Dan Jenstad, Gregory Hubacek, Dustin Sparks, and Sarah Ekstrom.

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10/13/09 Portland... Recently visted Portland, Oregon. I'm always particularly interested in how the transportation system seems to become the city and vice versa.

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10/13/09 Mt. Hood... Recently visted Mt. Hood, Oregon.

09/12/09 Love Hate... Eric Skogen and I created "Love Hate," an emotion tracker that uses twitter to understand what people love and hate (in real-time) about many things – Brands, Movies, Mondays, Weather, whatever is being tweeted about.

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09/05/09 Photographing the new cards... Enjoy. More identity to follow.

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06/05/09 Picking up the new cards... A brand new day for 150. Went over to Studio on Fire and saw the final run of our new cards. More to come.

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06/04/09 Versions Past... space150 embraces change: knocking down walls, changing the way we work, it never ends. This constant evolution is celebrated every 150 days with a top to bottom rebrand. This wall was created to commemorate versions past and present, by dissecting each version and drawing links between each them via aesthetic grouping and categorization.

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04/04/09 Some Buttons...

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04/04/09 Long Distance Correspondance... between chicago based designer, Laura Belle Hanley and myself at a simple exchange.

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03/21/09 Some work for the Minnesota Timberwolves... more to come.

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03/14/09 Union Made... in action, available soon from LTR/LTD.

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03/03/09 Two Rivers... Visited the biggest wood type museum in the midwest this past weekend. Found some 'things', too.

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